The proposal

Knowing is better than ignoring, understanding is better than not understanding each other. It may seem trivial, but trivial it is not at all, taking into account how many conflicts, small and large, blood and impoverish the world.

We have all experienced the change of optics resulting from a greater knowledge: that is, when you know a person better, a situation, a social group, often suddenly … you change your mind. “Who would have thought it?” We usually say in these cases. And we begin to live with the wonderful feeling that comes from overcoming a common place or a prejudice.

Yeah, who would have thought it … Think for a moment how many “who would have said it?” are not pronounced at the right time, how much in-depth knowledge is refused, how many opportunities for understanding are lost forever and perhaps we will start to understand what is one of the most important and profound roots of the evil that has always afflicted humanity.

The Blessing Path – of which wants to be a simple spokesman – does not have the ambition to change the path of history, but only to show one of the possible ways to reach deep peace by remaining faithful to one’s own identity, to personal beliefs , to the cultural heritage from which it comes. On the contrary, improving them and making them stronger and more aware.

Every tradition of thought – religious or non-religious – has unexplored riches and the mutual gift of these resonances can be a formidable laboratory of human promotion. Peace, in the end, is the only thing that matters if we want to become human beings in the fullest sense of the word: and the path that reaches peace necessarily crosses the lands of mutual knowledge.

We do not have to wait for others to take the first step: it is we who must move first.

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